Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Question of the Day: "I'm newly single after being in serious relationships throughout my 20's. Now in my 30's, young guys are beating down my door. Why do younger men like older women?"

Ahhhh!!  The ubiquitous "cougar" debate!  Well, I'll take a stab at it:  Younger men that like older women appreciate that older women (for the most part) assert themselves, don't play games and are vocal about what they want.  All the time I hear these guys complain about how younger women play games, don't know what they want and behave erratically and inconsistently (afterall, remember what you were like in your early 20's?).  I also believe that, as women are taking better care of themselves as they're aging and looking like never before in hem...40's...50's and even 60's, younger men are physically, as well as mentally, attracted to these quintessential "Mom Bombs!"  

So, take if from a chick who knows, Cougar/Cub relationships have their place and value in society today and I don't forsee them going anywhere anytime soon.  After all, why should they?   The opposite dyad has been the norm for centuries and honestly, I find it kind of refreshing and empowering that now its becoming en vogue for women to date younger men! Finally older women are having their day!  Yay!  Rock on wit yo' bad selves all you MILF's out there!!

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  1. One of the primary reasons is that at this stage, she no longer wants to bother with playing games. She knows what she wants and does not want to beat around the bush. Directness and honesty is highly valued and respected. Additionally, an older woman has more experience and knows what men enjoy. Men also appreciate this and will go further to keep such a wonderful woman. I would prefer this refined woman to any unpolished co-ed.