Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Old Dogs Can Spring Clean Too!


This morning as I was picking up my bedroom and realizing how messy it had become, I caught myself embracing an old familliar, nasty negative thought pattern that went something like this, "Kari, you're always going to be messy. You have always been this way and at this point in your life, you always will be! You can't teach an old dog new tricks so just give up already!"

Oh no no no you don't Negative Nancy!! This time I put the Kabosh on this stream of thinking before it completely spiraled out of control and got the better of me as I gently reminded myself these were just old thoughts and stories that no longer needed my investment. The truth is, it is NEVER too late for any of us to change and to improve our current circumstances. As the famous Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

It is spring; a new season and a time for blossoming and opening up to all of the infinite possiblities life has to offer us. I decided last month that I was going to go beyond choosing better thoughts, meditating and practicing yoga, by embracing the help of an energy healer in aligning my energy meridians and chakras. Yeah, yeah, I know, sounds all treehugger-Koombya-ish but I have to tell you, the results were amazing and proved to me how incredibly powerful our minds' are in effecting our bodies rhythms and functions.

We literally have the power to change anything we want, so make a vow to yourself this spring that you are going to let go of old stories that are holding you back and making you suffer needlessly. Take time this new season to go within and do a little spring clean-up on thoughts that make you feel bad because not only are they not serving you, at some point they will manifest somewhere in your body and you definitely don't want that!

Remember this, you have a purpose here on this beautiful planet and there is nobody else here that can do your job! We need you to be you - so be the best, most phenomenal version of yourself that you can be so that everyone can benefit from all of the wonders that make you exactly who you are! And whenever those old voices start up in their efforts to keep you addicted to them, and they will, tell them, "Thank you for sharing, but I no longer choose to believe you."

Spring has sprung, clocks are ahead and now is your time, as well, to move forward into the unknown and for you to unveil all of the incredible moments and opportunities that await you. Part of the fun is in the unknowing and being witness to the incredible power we have to create the world as we want it!

What does this letter have to do with dating, relationships and how to meet the love of your life, you ask? What doesn't it have to do with it?

Peace out loved ones!

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  1. Hey Kari - great stuff! You are a good writer AND a good looker! Rob B.