Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Was REALLY Thinking...

Wanna know what I was really thinking as I was taping this show with Dr. Ed Buch and his partner Marla Bell, RN from Body Chic in Somerville, NJ as they discussed the latest procedure for women called 'The G-Shot'? Well, once I got passed the embarassment factor and was able to concentrate on their explanation of the G-Shot and what it does physically for women, I began thinking, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, you inject some collagen-type fluid into a woman' region and she's suddenly supposed to feel more aroused, enjoy sex and orgasms more and have...ummm...closer quarters down below. Surrrre...all from one shot of God-knows-what into your you-know-where!?" I mean, in theory it sounds like a good concept and it only makes sense that when you inject a product into the walls of a woman's...uhhh...bat cave??...Cockpit??...Garage??...[add your vagina euphemism here] will be tighter and help to inspire arousal. But, alas I'll admit, I'm still a Doubting Thomas. But hell, I would love nothing more than to have my doubts squashed and have a woman come (no pun intended...I don't think...) forward and tell me she had the G-Shot procedure and it's rockin' her world more than she ever dreamed possible. So, any takers??? Anyone willing to be my guinea pig, have the procedure done and report back with their results? Anyone? Bueller? Beuller? Well, a girl can only ask... Anyhoo, thanks for tuning into my show. And to catch all my latest and greatest episodes of 'The Kari Adams Show,' local Princeton residents can check their Comcast cable guide for listings or, simply visit my Youtube page at Ciao for now!

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