Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Think I've Gone CRAZY!

In lieu of my brief daliance with insanity by offering a 20% discount off my program fees, I only have 3 spots left that I am accepting by the deadline of 1/15/12. That's this Sunday folks, so if you've been considering joining either my New Years Program or matchmaking services, get on the stick and take ADVANTAGE of my lapse in sound and reasonable judgement. This discount will most likely not be offered again any time soon...unless, of course, I clone myself, acquire some Oompa Loompas or lose my mind again. (Ya never know with me!)

Also, don't forget...
Sunday Morning Brunch in Downtown Princeton, Sun, 1/15/12

If you're single (newly, perpetually, desperately, happily, whatever...) please come and join us for a Sunday morning brunch in downtown Princeton at the famous Winberies Restaurant. We will have our very own private room designated just for us so that we can convene and enjoy a wonderful and reputable buffet brunch in a quiet setting. For more information, please click on the "Social Events" tab on my website.

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