Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, new Facebook Status?

Happy belated new year everyone. Man, it's been so long that I've blogged, I actually forgot the URL to go to and my password. Well, I'm back and fiercer than before!!

Wow, it's been quite a busy year for me filled with challenges, spiritual growth, learning and lots and lots of re-evaluation! Its a new year and I'm so hopeful you are finding yourself in a similar place as myself; eager, encouraged and at ease about what awaits you in 2012. I see very good things in store for so many of us and I feel priveleged to have had such great opportunities to meet, speak to and work with such wonderful single folks, like yourself, over the past several years!

If you are currently unattached and wanting to find the mate of your dreams, keep in mind that it is change that you are seeking to create and as you probably recognize, that process begins with you. I know, I know...that darn magic wand just ain't doin' the trick anymore like it used to when we were 5! But, like they say, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." In welcoming this new year I ask you, what are you willing to let go of so that you can replace it with something positive that you would like to experience? Maybe its watching less meaningless TV? Perhaps its quitting bad habits such as smoking or using excessive cursing in your vocubarly? It could be letting go of the need to alter your emotional state by drinking too much alcohol, caffeine, over-eating or over-spending?

Whichever monkey it is that sits upon your back , gnawing at you to give it up because it isn't working for you anymore, I say, let it go. If it is love you are wanting to find this year, make room in your life now so that you can welcome in love. If there is something, or more importantly, someone in your life that is keeping it in a holding pattern, now is the time to release it, or them, so that you free yourself and open yourself up to all the possibilties that await you.

I have made so many positive changes in my own life, both personally and professionally within the past several months and I can't wait to share those with you over the next couple of weeks. (Okay, I can't wait to blab about one of them...but shhh, you didn't hear this from me - I'm on deck to host my very own TV show starting in February on Princeton's TV 30 which will be premised on dating, relationships, lifestyle and fun things to do in New Jersey and the surrounding areas!) But for now I'd like to inform you that I have created a new, personally tailored program like no other for motivated single people who are ready to find their ideal mate. I have incorporated everything I have learned from being a professional matchmaker, including the good, the bad and the ugly and hand crafted a life-altering program that will forever change the individual.* As a client, you will learn the most important basic skill upon which you can place no dollar amount on, that every single person wants to learn:

•How to find the perfect mate for you

*I only take on a select handful of individuals at one time, so this offering is only for highly motivated people who are ready and willing to let go and embrace change in order to find love. (Because you truly will never be the same!)

If you are interested in learning more about how my new program works, please email me at and I will personally respond to you and fill you in. And, to ring in the new year and celebrate Princeton Elite's new program, I am offering a 20% discount (a $400 value) to members who sign on for it by 1/15/12. That's just 10 days away peeps so hurry up and let's get to living your damn life already!

Oh...and by the way, have you ever watched the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" O-M-G, I watched it over the holidays (Okay, I admit I had to watch it several times over because, in case you didn't know, I'm no Quantum Physicist!) and it was brilliantly mind blowing. Most of you know I'm a big fan of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction, well this one is similar but shall I put it? On steroids! Here's the link that you can watch RIGHT NOW at your leisure in full! But be warned, only watch if you're up for major change!

All the best to you and your family for a joyous, abundant and love-filled new year!

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