Monday, January 23, 2012

Why NOT me?

This weekend I had an epiphany - I absolutely LOVE what I do! Meeting new and interesting people and figuring out ways to make love connections is the most rewarding, fulfilling job on the planet! Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority lately when I hear tale after tale of job dissatisfaction out there. It's no wonder I meet with so many people who are having a difficult time finding a mate when they can't stand their current job or profession. Think about it, when you spend most of your days at your job that you happen to loathe, it only makes sense those thoughts and feelings would bleed into other major areas of your life.

As I was contemplating my good fortune of loving what I do, I heard a voice that told me to reach out to my sister and tell her she needed to quit her job and start her own catering and interior design company. Now mind you, I haven't spoken to my sister in months and since she lives in California, I don't see her often, so I have no idea what she's currently up to. (By the way, "Intuit with psychic abilities" needs to be added to my resume!)

I tried to shush this annoying voice, but it got so loud, the only thing I could do was text her in order to shut the damn thing up. She quickly responded saying, "I can't believe you're saying this. I just created this new recipe that I've been working on trying to perfect and I was telling myself how fun it would be to sell these to local wineries and restaurants. I've been so miserable in my job lately and wanting to quit and start something up that I'm passionate about."

I told her that this was what she needed to be doing and because cooking, decorating and entertaining was her ultimate joy, the money would follow. She said, "You're right, I need to do what I love. I'm going to start working on my new career right away! Kari, thank you so much for motivating me."

When we are in the flow of life, loving what we do, loving those around us, loving our homes and environments, loving ourselves, everything seems to easily and effortlessly line up for us. All it takes is a change in our thoughts to go from miserable to joyful; its that simple. If you're reinforcing your misery by remaining in an unhappy job day in and day out, now is the time to ask yourself why?

I know most of you are probably screaming at your computer screens, "Kari, I have bills to pay," or "There aren't any jobs out there, Kari! I'm lucky enough to have this one." Really? That's your excuse? Like in finding love, many of us have the propensity to stick to our stories and hold onto them for dear life, "All men want younger women," "Women only want a successful man who's wealthy, " "There aren't any good men/women out there," "Online dating doesn't work," "There are just a bunch of creeps out there," etc, etc, etc, nauseum etc!!!

These "stories" aren't true and I have plenty of evidence to back that up! There are literally billions of people in this world, so why are so many of us lonely? Jobs are opening up as we speak and new entreprenuerships start everyday. Why can't you be one of the ones making hand over fist doing what you're passionate about? So, the next time a happy, loving, canoodling couple walks past you on the street, instead of chortling to yourself about how obnoxious they look as you roll your eyes up into the back of your head, say to yourself, "Why not me?" And then shout out a big thank you to the universe for sending you a little gentle reminder about what's possible!

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