Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Good Dating Etiquette A Thing of The Past?

I just received an email from a client who was rather blown away when she received a message from her date I set her up with, confirming their plans to meet later this week. She wrote, "Wow! I do love when people confirm plans!"

While, yes, I'll admit I boast a rather stellar database filled with quality, conscientious clientelle (Ha, if I do say so myself!), I had to stop myself from also responding in kind with total awe and dismay. Being so inundated with modern technologies of today such as Smart Phones, I-Pad's, DVR's, and video game consoles where you can literally rent movies all while not communicating with a single person, have we gotten so out of touch with one other that we're now shocked when good manners and proper dating etiquette are exhibited?

What happened to the day when we expected our dates to confirm plans for the following weekend we had made earlier in the week? I might be dating myself here, but I can vividly recall the time when a guy would actually pick up the phone and call me to ask me out for date and wait for my response. Not only would he ask me where I would like to go, when datenight came, he was **GASP!** at my front door at the suggested time picking me up in his car, taking me to the agreed upon restaurant.

Oh, days of yore! Seems like ions ago compared to last weekend when a guy texted me out of the blue, asking me to meet him out for dinner at a local place where he wanted to go (because he loved their goat cheese salad!). No asking me where I would like to go, let alone offering to pick me up! No cordial phone call for me requesting the honor of my ever-so-engaging presence. And was it too much to ask to be given...oh, I don't know, a good several days, advance notice? I mean, I'm a spontaneous kinda' gal, but texting me last minute to ask me out on a Saturday you're workin' my last nerve! (Nevermind I was sitting on my bed in my bathrobe watching reruns of "America's Next Top Model," any other Saturday and I would have been busy, busy, busy...just all kinds of busy!)

I say, if we want better treatment and to be shown respect, guy or girl, we need to command it. Its time we stop tolerating sloppy behavior and start raising the bar back up on our dating expectations. Afterall, if a person isn't able or willing to bring their A-game on the first date, treating you like the amazing catch that you are, what will they be bringing after a month? You get less when you settle for less, and quite honestly, reruns of "America's Next Top Model" in my comfy PJ's outrank a bad date any day of the week!

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