Thursday, August 19, 2010

Question of the Day: What do anniversary dates of former relationships mean to you now?

Some anniversary dates are welcomed reminders of a happy time in our lives that we shared with friends and loved ones.  Some, are painful memorials of times when we experienced a great loss.  Regardless, anniversary dates have a way of stimulating an array of emotions in all of us, some predictable, some unexpected. 

When the anniversary date of my wedding came up amidst my first year of being divorced, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia, as I reminisced about the beauty of the nuptials as well as my family members' attendance and support. Throw a little guilt, shame and depression on top of the mix, and you have yourself a full blown breakdown. 

This past year, however, I burst out in laughter as I was driving with my two kids in the car and my daughter had asked me what the date was.  When I responded, "Honey, it's the 24th," I realized that 16 and a half hours had actually gone by before I had even realized it was the date of my wedding anniversary!  With a huge guffaw, I screamed it out loud again, "It's the 24th!!!!"

I've been on this divorce roller coaster (God willing!) long enough to realize that, like a long string tied to another soul, from time to time over the years, is going to get pulled and tugged on, and often at times when I least expect it.  Patience, trust and acceptance of our emotions during hallmarks of our past, help heal our wounds and are the best expressions of self love one can give to oneself.  Today's a new day - happy anniversary!

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  1. as always, perfectly written. Divorce is like a death. In time, you heal. Glad to see you are doing just that. :)