Thursday, August 5, 2010

Question of the Day: Who do you think lies more about their age, men or women?

I really have no idea on this one.  Totally stumped.  Most men I've dated that didn't want to divulge their age, just either wouldn't tell me or would say, "I'm in my late 40's" (ie. "I'm in my mid-50's.")  Honestly, when people are wishy washy and dance around the "age" topic, to me it just shows they're trying to hide how old they really are.  And then, in fact, I'll probably assume they're actually older than their age.

I personally have never lied about my age.  I'm 40 and proud dammit!  But sometimes I do wonder if, as the clock ticks, I'll change my overt ways?  Do more people lie as they get older?  Or are the guilty fibbers those that are on the cusp of a milestone (ie. 29) and fighting to salvage their youth?  I wonder with the ever-increasing popularity of plastic surgery and injection procedures, are more people prone to knocking off a few years on their drivers licenses as a result?  These days, you really have to wonder!

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