Friday, November 19, 2010

Question of the Day: Are you surprised when some of the most beautiful women in the world still get cheated on?

Call me a skeptic but I have to admit, as soon as I'd heard about the Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorce/cheating story, I wasn't at all surprised. Honestly, I hate that I'm jaded by professional athletes and their constant infidelities. I would love to one day be proven wrong that the majority of them are not cheaters, but until I am, a cynic I remain!

I keep overhearing comments like, "Wow! I can't believe that even someone as beautiful as Eva Longoria can get cheated on" but honestly, it doesn't surprise me in the least. These men are revered beyond their God given talents' and used to beautiful women throwing themselves at them. I'd like to think it's possible for a married professional athlete to remain loyal while trotting all over to globe as droves of people come on to them, but it's difficult to envision. It's just not a "natural" lifestyle.

I heard an ironic comment this morning when a listener called into my favorite radio morning show, talking about dating hot women versus plain Jane's. He admitted that whenever he's dated a really hot girl, he's had more of a propensity to cheat. When questioned about this, he said, "For whatever reason, when I'm with a really hot chick, I just feel a lot more confident and that I've totally upped my game. It's when I'm with a more plain looking girl, I feel more insecure and I end up being totally into her and all about just her."

When the d.j.'s relayed their shock about this, he went on to say, "I don't know for sure what it is, but when I'm with hot women, I guess I get cocky and feel like I can get anyone. And also, people seem to look at me like I'm more valuable because I got 'her,' so I must be able to get anybody I want. My ego gets the best of me, and I start looking around at who else I can bag."

As appalled as I was about this confession, I couldn't help but to be riveted by it and curious if many men feel the same way. Actually, on some level, I kind of "get it." It must be a huge ego boost to end up with an extremely attractive mate, and perhaps natural to think things like, "Dang, I just landed this incredibly hot person. Just think what else is out there for me?"

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