Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Question of the Day: "I live with my BF who doesn't ever want to get married. I pay him $1k in rent. How does this financially affect my future?"

The full question reads:

"I live with my boyfriend who owns his own house and I pay $1,000 in rent to him. He does not want to get married. His logic is, 'If we aren't going to have kids, why get married?' Fine. But when I think about the financial aspect of it, I'm kind of getting screwed here. I will never own my own home again due to the fact that I live with him and pay him rent. I also gave up all of my furniture since his home was already completely furnished. So, if something were to happen to him or we broke up, where does that leave me? And how do I even approach this subject to him without sounding like I want to get married or that I want his house and possessions?"

It makes sense that if two people live together, they should share monthly expenses. But, on the other hand, I completely understand this woman's concern about her future financial security. She gave up her own possessions and home in order to live with her significant other, and now she's faced with the uncertainty of what lies ahead for herself without the legal protections and privileges of marriage. Perhaps now's the appropriate time to consult with an attorney who specializes in common law??

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