Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you ever dated/been with a hypochondriac?

Dr. Phil had a married couple on his show today where the husband was a severe hypochondriac. The wife complained about how tiring it was always having to try assuaging his fears that he wasn't having a heart attack, didn't have a brain tumor, a rare blood disease or what-have-you. And that it's exhausting when he gets up all night long to run to the computer to check a potential ailment or disease he might have.

It got me thinking about my own personal experiences and wondering if I've ever been with a hypochondriac. I did once date a guy who was obsessed with health and fitness and would drink protein shakes and vegetable juices all day long. I mean, our daily schedule literally revolved around him having to go home to throw ingredients into a blender or juicer because, that's not exactly something you can just do on the go. He would also take vitamins and supplements by the handfuls which always baffled me, how he didn't gag on all them.

As far as dating a full-blown hypochondriac, however, I don't think I've yet to have the honors. If anything, I've been more inclined to date the guy hacking up a lung, practically on his deathbed who refuses to go to the doctor, maintaining that it's "just a bug." Sheesh...guys and their machismo! But, since the research suggests more women are hypochondriacs than men (and yet surprisingly, we're healthier!) I suppose it makes sense I haven't had the pleasure! Oh well, I shouldn't be so quick to talk! Given my track record, I'm sure Mr. Sickly will be knockin' on my door soon enough!

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