Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Question of the Day: You're on a date & a rock band pulls you up on stage. What do you choose to excel at? Lead singer? Lead guitar? Bass? Drums?

Okay, corny question, but I think it tells a lot about a person. Such as:

Lead Singer: Outgoing, courageous, not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, energetic and requires the limelight/center of attention

Bass: Likes being an integral part of a group, but doesn't need to be center of attention, thoughtful, smart, intuitive, organized, not averse to risk

Lead Guitar: Outgoing, witty, commands attention but doesn't demand it, clever, great attention to detail, organized, creative

Drums: On the outside looks crazy, rebellious and out of control, but internally there's a calmness and sense of serenity, loyal, caring, fun, spiritual

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