Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Question of the Day: If you could have ANY holiday gift this year, what would it be? Why?

Speaking from my heart, the past couple of years have been some of the most turbulent of my life. Between divorcing my best friend of 10 years, moving twice, uprooting my children to new homes and schools, having my ex move away to another country from me and our kids, financial instability (like most Americans currently), I think I'm about ready for some peace and happiness. Yep, that's what's on my wishlist to Santa this year.

Don't get me wrong, its not that I'm an unhappy person. I like to think I can smile and find moments of happiness in any given situation, but this year, I have found such value in placing little or NO value in material possessions. This year has been one of letting go and purging things that were once burdensome. I've literally no car payment (okay, I basically drive a hoopty, but for the time being, it gets me to where I need to be), when I'm not hosting events or meeting with clients, my wardrobe consists of workout gear and sneakers. I don't belong to a gym which can be a high monthly cost, but instead enjoy getting my exercise by running along the D&R Canal and going to yoga classes that are instructed by donation.

Some say these are tough times, but I have to disagree. I think these are sobering times that have helped to raise our awareness that peace and happiness come from within and that, sometimes, we can find more happiness by having less. So, I'm taking a vow this year to give only consumable gifts such as gourmet chocolates and cookies, bath and shower gels, flower arrangements, etc. I believe that true gifts are those that don't come with a burden and that serve as reminders that the recipient is so richly deserving of enjoying the present moment.

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