Friday, December 3, 2010

Question of the Day: Where did you have your first kiss?

I'll never forget mine. I was with my first boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend. We were all cute! It was my boyfriend's birthday and we were celebrating at the theme park Great America (California's version of Six Flags). It was mid-day and we decided it was time to go on the park's landmark ride where they put a group of you in a large cage and slowly spin you around up in the air. My boyfriend's mom naively let us go on this without adult supervision, so we all thought it was the opportune time to practice our first kiss in the cage. We thought it wouldn't "count" if the boys used their hands as shields between our lips. And so, Derek put his hand over his mouth and placed it on my lips. Well wouldn't ya just know?? In the midst of our faux make out session, he slowly took his hand away and alas, I suddenly found myself engaged in my very first kiss! Oh, the memories!

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