Monday, March 22, 2010

Question of the Day: Do you believe cheating always equates to a lack of love for the partner or spouse?

With all this Tiger talk and him professing his undying love for his wife (Ha...I say!!), it got me wondering if it's generally always true that the cheater no longer loves his mate? There are a gammut of situations out there and I think it's too broad of a statement to suggest that everybody cheats because they are no longer in love with their partner, but it does appear to be a common theme. My personal belief? A cheater's indescrepencies have a lot more to do with their own internal compasses' than their romantic counterparts.

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  1. I do not find this to be true really, but I suppose it is hard to say. I will say that I have never cheated on my wife, and I never will, no matter how neglected I feel I may have been.

    Marriage is sacred, and no matter how bad times were, I would never engage myself with another woman. If things were that bad, I would separate and start pursuing a divorce.

    In past relationships however, I have cheated on someone, yet I still loved them. Times were tough, and we just were not having sex, and this went on for months...this is going back over 10 year now. I cheated to fillmy sexual desires, not because I was no longer in love with this person.

    You just might be correct in your last statement here, and I am sure that it was problems that I caused that equated to the fact that we were not having sex. Regardless, I see now where that relationship went, and even after many years together, it was just not meant to be. -Jackson NJ