Saturday, March 20, 2010

Question of the Day: If you went to a "Clothing Optional" bar that was packed & you were the ONLY one w/ clothes on, would you "drop trou"?

This question was inspired by my girlfriend, who DT'd* me late last night while on a bender in Key West, Fl. If you've been there, you know right off party central Duvall Street, unassumingly sits the "Naked Bar". The time I went, there was only one "freaky deak" nerdy guy all by himself in the middle of the dance floor, completely in the buff, lettin' it just flap away in the 80 degrees wind! Ya GOTTA respect such chutzpah!! I'll admit, I felt mortified for the guy, but he was happy as a lark, doin' his thing, not giving a rip what anyone else thought of him.

It got me thinking, "If this place were packed to the gills and everbody was sportin' the newborn leafless look, and I were the only one with clothes on, would I partake in the festivities?" I mean, maybe there is something freeing about lettin' it just all hang out while striking a pose on the dance floor? Welp, this soon-to-be-40-year-old-mother-of-two has seen her better au natural days, so I'm inclined to say, I'd probably just be a sidelined cheerleading voyeur, leaving the more adventuresome to the naked Macarena!

But what about you? Would you "drop trou" and go bare-naked in a rowdy party bar, on some small island town where nobody knew you from Adam? (Okay, there's a joke in there somewhere but I'm shootin' a blank. Oh another joke...yikes...okay, I digress....). If not, do you know anybody who has or would?

*For those who don't regularly follow me, DT is short for "Drunk Texting"
- Please make your cell phone a NO-DT'ing-ZONE!


  1. Nice picture...anyway...I visited my first and last nudist park on the island of Hawaii when I was just 16 years old. My friends uncle and aunt owned it. There were many children and adults that produced the children and everyone was comfortable with the body God provided them and with how it was changing and had changed over the years and with annual evolution. So I say...take your close off when ever you have the chance and love the FREEDOM.

  2. I think that I would be too afraid of drop trow just in case I were to get aroused, I wouldn't want to be walking around with a hard on. That would be very embarrasing! -Jackson NJ