Thursday, March 25, 2010

Question of the Day: Today it's Justin Beiber! So, who was your teen heartthrob when you were younger?

Well, my boy-craziness all began with Andy Gibb. I would stare at his pictures in Tiger Beat and just WILL him to jump through the pages and embrace me in rapture! (...okay, maybe a peck on the cheek would have sufficed.) He could have 'shadow danced' with me anytime! (Whatever the hell that was anyway!). Then as I entered the 8th grade, forgettaboudid!! My world began and ended with Duran Duran. My walls were plastered with photos of Simon LeBon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes. I'd replay "Save a Prayer" over and over until the lyrics were etched in my memory banks forever. Oh long live the mod subculture of New Wave, punk runk and underground music!

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