Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Question of the Day: What's with the Questions of the Day?

Okay, here I go! Try and try as I might to fight entry into the vast and omnipotent "Blog-osphere", I've surrendered and am now an official "Blogger". That said, I find it only appropriate to write this maiden voyage blog about my Questions of the Day. I began Princeton Elite Club a year ago (Wow!! A full year has already gone by!!) to service local professional singles by hosting events and matching people with potential romantic partners.

A large part of my presence has been on Facebook where I started accumulating singles from the NJ Tri-state area, in my circle of Facebook friends. One day I decided to post a dating question. Well, the response I got was HUGE and I was surprised to find that so many people, even married folks, took an interest in my question, as well as other people's responses. The next day I decided, "Okay, what the hell? I'll post another question and this time...hmmm...perhaps I'll make it a touch controversial?" So, out comes, "Question of the Day: What do you consider cheating? Kissing? Hugging? Actual sex?", "Talking on the phone/computer?" Well, you can imagine the reactions that were posted from THAT one! Lots of bantering back and forth, heated arguments, personal experiences, etc.

I get asked almost daily, "Kari, where do you come up with these questions?" Well, short and simple, they come from either my own head or personal dating experiences, friends' dating stories, or clients experiences. I listen to morning talk shows everyday when taking my son to school and sometimes there will be something they discuss that will spark a question. Sometimes while getting my hair or nails done, I'll come across an article in "Cosmo" or "W Magazine" that gets my attention and is fodder for the next day's question.

I really knew my questions were taking off and being well received when Facebook strangers, whom I'd NEVER even met before, entrusted me with personal questions to post for them! These people message me personally and are usually in a relationship quandary and prefer to remain anonymous while proposing a question; my page is the perfect platform to do so! It's obvious that so many of my fans and followers have a large breadth of dating experience and offer so much insight and valuable knowledge.

Okay, it's not rocket science and doesn't require a Ph.D. to post a daily dating question, but I tell you what, it sure makes people stop and think about their own situations, beliefs, standards and morals. Even though some days I really kick myself for even starting these dang little queries that take up a large fraction of my morning, I continue to be impressed and amazed by the overall resilience, conscientiousness and compassion of the human spirit. On the whole, people do truly care about one another and want to see other people happy and in-love! So... in the name of finding
true love, daily questioning is a small price that I'm happy to pay....


  1. Eloquent style. Your blog is sure to be a hit!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog, Kari!

  3. "Okay, it's not rocket science and doesn't require a Ph.D. to post a daily dating question"

    ...yeah. we can tell.

    princeton "elite" club? what's that? like... no poor people allowed? no uggos?