Monday, March 29, 2010

Question of the Day: Ladies, what do you say to him when he can't "perform"? Guys, what's a good reason you can't make it happen?

It's happened to the majority of us; sometimes, he just can't perform the magic. Girls, what are some things you've said to assuage his embarrassment? Guys, c'mon! We know it's happened to you...what do you tell her when you can't pull the rabbit out of your hat? Dish!

1 comment:

  1. Been there done that, or not....It can happen for many reasons!!!! As long as it is not medical you can try a few tricks. The one that I remember was too much depending on the level of inibriation they are a few things....You may need to let him sleep it off, or give him a cup of coffee and 2 aspirin to get the blood flowing back to where it needs to be!!!!! Put on the music,do a little dance,give him a massage,pleasure each other, kiss his neck,behind his ear....learn what turns him on and go for it......if not lights out and the sun will come up tommorrow and all will rise to the occassion...Good Luck!!!