Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Question of the Day: So what's so WRONG with being "Single & Satisfied"?

If I get asked this question one more time, I think my head will explode: So Kari, why are you still single? Is it because I turn 40 in a couple weeks and society thinks that there's just GOT to be something wrong with an attractive woman whose in her 40's and without a mate? Is it just that unbelievable that a woman, in this day and age, actually finds so much satisfaction just from her career, children and friends alone? My one girlfriend is continually saying to me, "Oh don't worry! Your true love is out there," no matter how many times I tell her, "I'm not ready for him yet! I'm perfectly content focusing on my children and building my business."

It would appear that most people believe that if you are not p
artnered up, even unhappily, that you've just got to be lonely, unfulfilled and miserable. Even when recent studies indicate that single people are happier and live longer than their married counterparts!!

I mean honestly, my thinking is this; there are pluses and minuses both in full-time relationships and in being completely alone. In relationships, so much compromising has to be made and you give up a lot of freedom. For example, you need to periodically check-in with your partner, compromise on where to eat, what shows & movies to watc
h, etc. And if you share space, you contend with practicalities such as snoring, less closet space, more bathroom clutter, etc. So you know what? I decided that while I'm single, I'm going to LIVE LARGE and make the most of it!! Is that really so bad?

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  1. I suspect your children can take up A LOT of your time. Add a sentimental partener and all your free time evaporates.

    It's another country, I know, but I'm seeing the same thing in Mexico: more and more attractive young women now prefer to live by themselves than compromise their liberty with a mate. Time to accept that.