Friday, September 17, 2010

Question of the Day: Girls, how do you pose the question, "Do you only want me for sex?" And guys, how do you respond to this?

I just got off the phone with a male friend of mine and we were having a discussion on this topic.  We were contemplating whether or not the "90 day rule" (before having sex with a new partner) is at all realistic these days.  He claimed that it's absolutely not and that if a woman thinks she can have her new man wait it out, "He's either a total loser or he's getting it from somewhere else."  While I don't hold quite as staunch opinion as my friend, I do concur that waiting for a full three months before having sex with someone you're dating, really is not realistic in the fast paced times in which we're living.

My friend then went on to say, "And don't ask us guys Do you only want me for sex?, because you're not really going to like the answer."  When I challenged him on this and told him that its a girl thing and we do need reassurance that you like us for who we are and not just for the sex, he replied, "It's a part of why we keep you around.  If we're in a relationship with you, then obviously there's an emotional connection there and we like to have regular sex.  If we didn't care about the relationship, we'd just go get it from bimbos and strippers on a regular basis without all the work involved to cultivate a relationship!"

Hmmm...interesting.  You know girls, if you don't have one, I strongly encourage you to go out and get a great guy pal who will tell you everything you wanted to know that your current partner's too afraid to tell you.  It can be quite enlightening!

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