Monday, September 20, 2010

Question of the Day: When it comes to dating, do you have any odd deal breakers?

When I logged onto Facebook this morning I received a message from a random guy (not even a friend) who said that, while he thought I had a nice body, the freckles on my chest were an absolute deal breaker.  Really?  Freckles on a chest?  Do most guys find this unattractive on a woman?  And then, it got me thinking...I wonder if a lot of other people have deal breakers that are unorthodox or perhaps shallow, shall we say? 

Aside from the obvious ones (drugs, physical/verbal abuse, legal problems, cheating, etc.) I personally would hate to be limited by any unconventional deal breakers that could hold me back from potentially meeting a great person.  Let's face it, we have a lot of weeding to do given the amount of freaks, losers and jerks out there, before finding the ones worth our time!  Why add more restrictions on yourself by having silly requirements or demands?

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