Friday, September 24, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you ever been banned from a public establishment while on a date?

I don't think I've ever actually been "banned" per se from a public venue with someone(unless someone out there knows differently; it has been a crazy past few years!), but a couple years ago I had an embarrassing experience with my boyfriend at the time.  One day he called me up and spontaneously said, "I have the day off, let's meet for lunch".  He lived about an hour away from me, so we met mid-way at this biker dive bar/restaurant. 

We were so excited to be with one another during the day as it was a rarity due to our work/kids' schedules, that we literally couldn't keep our hands off each other.  We'd talk, then hug, eat a little, then kiss, take a sip of our beer, canoodle, etc.  After our meal, we literally couldn't stop staring into each others' eyes and ended up in a full-blown make-out session for a good 10 minutes. 

It was at this point that the manager came over, tapped my boyfriend on the shoulder and said, "Umm, excuse me sir, you guys gotta stop this.  We have children at this establishment and it's just not appropriate."  I was so mortified, I slunk down into my boyfriend's chest and hung my head until everyone stopped staring.  When it was time to go, he walked me to my car and said, "You know, I looked around and there were no kids in there.  What happened was a group of single women came in, sat at the bar and complained."  I told him that was silly and asked why they would even care about our PDA and he said, "Jealousy!  They were ugly and alone!"

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