Thursday, September 23, 2010

Question of the Day: Not including speed dating, how long did your quickest first date last?

Well, I'm not sure if I would consider this a date or not, but I onetime met a really cute guy in the Philadelphia airport while my filght to Florida was delayed.  I decided to get a quick drink at the bar and pulled up a stool right next to him.  My flight was leaving in about 30 minutes; his in an hour.  We sat, talked and laughed a lot within that short half hour.  The chemistry was definitely there and when it was time to go, he chivalrously closed the tab and walked me to my gate. 

As we were waiting for the airline staff to announce my plane's general boarding, he looked sheepishly at me (and I at him) and said, "I know this is really weird, but I'm feeling like I want to kiss you.  Is that odd?"  I giddily told him I felt the same way!  So, lo and behold we found ourselves, perfect strangers in our own right, making out in front of loads of other strangers loitering in the waiting area!  I think it was at that moment when I realized that divorce definitely had some merits, and that it was going to be an opportune time to do some really fun things that I always fantasized about!

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