Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Question of the Day: If you ever realized you needed to make a change in your personal or dating life, what did you do to kick-start the change?

I think we're always experiencing times in our lives' when we realize its time to make some changes.  I, for one, know that it's about high time I start being kinder and gentler to myself, and appreciating the good person, mother and friend that I am.  Lately, when I'm at a crossroads and needing to make some changes, the very first thing I do is quiet my mind by meditating or going on long runs in nature.  When I give my brain a break from the incessant criticism and bantering, my energy shifts and I seem to notice more of what is in the moment:  a bird chirping, ripple effects along the canal, a vibrant butterfly fluttering nearby, the laughter of my children.

People think I'm crazy when I tell them that I actually really enjoy my life the most when I'm fed up and detoxing from dating.  It's like I get to take a stand and say, "Enough!  It's time to focus on Kari now!"  It's my time to reflect and work on self love.  The very best thing of all during this time, is somehow the Universe heeds my call and starts to bring me more love, positivity and happiness.  It's so cliche, but so dang true; if you don't love yourself, how can you expect anybody else to love you?

Typically, the majority of us hold ourselves back from true happiness.  For many of us, it feels more safe and familiar to accept failure and that we're actually petrified of real success because we don't know what it looks like.  It's foreign, so it's easier to self-sabotage and stand in our own way and resist peace and happiness.  The beautiful thing about proclaiming the need for change in your life, is that once you do, the world will make way for progress to happen.  Happiness really is a choice.  It's that simple!

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  1. You feel best when you stop dating and focus on the other things in your life? Maybe you've just had it with men and are no longer "bondable". Maybe singlehood is your path to self actualization....