Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question of the Day: What is the strangest thing that's happened to you on a first date?

Ha!  I got the greatest message from a fellow member yesterday telling me a crazy first state story.  This is what he wrote:

So this woman and I decide for a first date that we are going to get sushi.  Now, i know that people are picky when it comes to sushi so I made sure this is DEFINITELY cool with her, and she assured me she was fine with it.  There's a place called U-Yee Sushi in Woodbridge and we decide that we are going to meet there. So we get there, order a drink and sit down to eat.  As we look at the menu, I asked her if she wanted to order a bunch of different rolls and we can just try different stuff, or if she wanted to order her own and I would get mine.  She says, "Just order a bunch of stuff and we will feast!"  Then she excuses herself to go to the ladies room.  

In the meantime, I order, we get our soups, then our salads and she's still not back.  TWENTY minutes goes by and still shes M.I.A.!  I start eating my soup and honestly just thought she had bailed and I was going to have to eat all this food by myself.  As I reach for my phone to give her a call, she walks back in with a bag from TGI Fridays. I kid you not!  She sits down, opens the bag, and takes out a salad and puts it on a plate!  She then takes the bag and food container and sticks it in her purse and says to me "They won't mind, right?  I mean, you totally ordered enough food for 2 right?"  Needless to say this was the first and last time we went out. 

This was my response to him:

I swear to god what do these people think?  I have a similar story, only it wasn't the misleading of liking a particular food he failed to mention when we first met.  It was the wife!!!!!

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