Thursday, October 28, 2010

Question of the Day: Is it possible to fall in love with someone online who lives in another country?

I keep hearing about these International online scam artists who seduce women by professing their undying love for them, and then attempt to swindle money out of them. Supposedly they use excuses like, their parent is really sick and they need help paying for medication or Chemo for them. Or he just lost his job and will come to see her if she wires him the money to come to the U.S. and he will reimburse her when he gets here. I mean crazy stuff!

But, what about the genuine foreign people who are heartfelt at finding love? What about the earnest who develop feelings for someone online from a different country? Should we become so cynical as to not believe that its a possibility to fall for someone of a different culture whom you would never have had the opportunity to cross paths if it weren't for the Internet?

Call me Pollyanna, but I for one refuse to ever give up being a hopeless romantic in lieu of a few rotten apples. I still believe people are inherently good and that there is nothing that can't be solved with love! Even thousands of miles of oceans, deserts and mountain ranges!

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