Friday, October 8, 2010

Question of the Day: When it comes to dating, why do we get "the butterflies" over some people and not others?

Today I was envisioning the past few years and the myriad experiences, sensations, and feelings I've had with the colorful array of men I've gone out with.  Some guys triggered feelings of comfort, safety and ease while others generated excitement, anticipation and sheer giddiness.  I have to say, however, it was the rare (and typically unexpected) guy that could provoke the effect of feeling butterflies twittering around in my stomach! 

Why is it that we can have wonderful, admiring feelings for somone, enjoy their company but not get "the butterflies" when with them?  Why does this phenomenon discriminate for specific people only?  Okay, scientifically I know its when you get an adrenaline rush and your blood starts pumping faster making your arteries and veins widen and shrink.  And that it happens around your stomach area making you have "the butterflies"...yeah, yeah, yeah.  But what is it about a particular person that has the ability to cause this response versus  someone who doesn't?

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