Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Question of the Day: When with someone you're newly dating, what's the worst thing a friend or family member has said in front of them about you?

Just spoke with a good friend of mine this morning whose been seeing a new woman now for several weeks.  He was lamenting the fact that when he brought her around to his parent's house, his dad completely threw him under the bus by criticizing some of his habits.  I asked him what he meant, and he said that they were all standing around in the kitchen and his dad started making comments about his unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.  I said to him that didn't sound like that big of a deal and he responded with, "Yeah, it gets worse!  He goes on to remind her that I'm 10 years older than her and if I don't start changing my ways, I'm going to die soon!"

I couldn't help but to crack up at the absurdity of this as my friend is only 36!  We both laughed but he said he didn't find it at all amusing at the time and felt he didn't need any help in implanting doubt in the woman's mind about his life span, or lack thereof!  It got me thinking and wondering myself what the worst thing anyone has ever said in front of a new significant other and I'd have to bequeath my daughter honorary membership into the mudslinger's club. 

The minute details are just all too embarrassing, but she found much amusement in retelling the story in front of a guy I was seeing, of the time when I came in from a long run on a steamy summer day.  Again, no use in dithering over the details, but let's just say, if you're a runner and you've overdone it, sometimes the body takes over and does what it wants to do without your approval and/or consent.  Both my kids were in stitches at my inability to reach "the facilities" in time and cracked up for days on end about it. 

I'll never forget that mortifying moment when out of her lips comes, "Did my mom ever tell you about the time when she came in from a really long run?"  It was like a slow motion, bad dream flashback where I'm trying to run and can't get anywhere while screaming "Noooooooooooooo!!!"  I've never actually felt my face grow more flush, than when she told this story in full detail in front of this new guy; whom I just so happened to really like! 

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