Thursday, April 22, 2010

Question of the Day: Do you "Google" your prospective dates?

This question reminds me of a time when I was on a date with, what appeared to be, an omnipotent gentleman. Somehow during the course of our 1 hour phone courting, he gathered a whole lot more information about myself then I had recalled disclosing. Our face-to-face conversation went something like this:

Him: Weren't you on the PTO committee of your kid's school?
Me: Uh huh. Yeah.
Him: Yeah, and weren't you in charge of the bulletin announcements?
Me: Yyyyes? Wait! How'd you know that?
Him: What do you mean?
Me: Did I tell you that the other night? I really don't remember telling you that!
Him: Oh, no don't worry! You aren't having a senior moment. I looked you up online.
Me: What??
Him: Of course. Oh c'mon! You "Googled" me too, didn't you?
Me: I did what? Um...nooooooooo!
Him: What? You didn't "Google" me? Don't you "Google" all your dates before you meet them?
Me: No. Should I?
Him: Well, I just thought everybody did?

So, after this encounter, it really got me curious and made me question if I was behind in the 8-ball in new dating techniques. I have to admit, I'm still not a fan of undercover dating investigation where I try to learn, what seems to be surreptitiously, about my prospective date. I enjoy leaving things to fate and reveling in the joy of discovery and, okay, sometimes utter shock and dismay. But I equate "Googling" someone before a date to opening all your Christmas presents before the 25th and then re-wrapping them all, only to open them up again later. At that point, you know what you're getting so why even bother going through the pomp and circumstance of a big elaborate unveiling? Maybe it's just me? Call me old-fashioned, but I like savoring the anticipation and excitement of what just might be awaiting me in that mysterious, undiscovered package!


  1. I googled a guy after I went on a first date with him.. turns out he was an ex-con.. killed an old lady with his car. (yikes) I googled every date after that.