Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Question of the Day: Do you think singles act differently in bars today versus 20 years ago?

I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and heard a woman in her mid-40's talking about her experience with going out over the past weekend. She's newly separated from her husband and decided to try venturing out and seeing if she could rehash her "clubbing" days. She said she was horrified to discover that men were much more aggressive and claimed her butt was grabbed several times throughout the course of the night. When the DJ pressed her on this and said maybe it was because her butt more "grab-able" these days, she firmly denied it and said she felt the singles scene has totally changed and not what she recalled from her youth. Do you agree? Do you think single people are more bold today? Or do you think, perhaps, our perception's and/or expectations have evolved and we're maybe more apt to see things we may otherwise have overlooked in our youth?

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  1. Yup, when she met her first husband, "hooking up" culture hadn't been invented. So it's a lot different now. Also, she might have been treated a bit differently 20 years ago had she been 40+ at that time! Overall, when you're past 35, bars are just a sad place to meet people. Bars are not the scene anymore. Online dating is.