Monday, April 26, 2010

Question of the Day: On average, when on a first date, how long does it take you to determine if you would like to see this person again?

I've seen research that suggests for women it takes, on average, approximately 30 minutes into the date to determine if she would like to see him again. And get this! For men the average is 17 seconds it takes for him to make the consideration! The data claims that because men are initially attracted to their female counterparts on physical attraction, it takes only mere seconds for him to determine if he is responsive to her features and to know if he would or would not like to see her again. For women, it's different because we tend to be attracted to men based on a culmination of attributes such as openness, intelligence, humor, looks, etc., and we tend to need more time in figuring out our attraction level to our dates'. This said, however, there have GOT to be exceptions to every rule and I'm curious to hear from my own corral, their experiences with the length of time they usually invest before establishing if there will or won't be a call-back?

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