Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Question of the Day: You've been casually dating someone who is inconsistent, their friend asks you out. Do you go?

Here's another follower's suggestion for the Q of D today. This is her predicament:

I've been casually dating this guy who claims to be into me, but his actions sometimes say otherwise. He says his schedule keeps him busy but he does stay in relatively good contact. A friend (not very close) of his, whom he introduced to me, asked me out not realizing I was dating the other guy. Since it's been casual and inconsistent with the first guy, do I accept the date with the friend?

My take? I always say you need to go by someone's actions, not their words! Let's face it, talk is cheap! I would absolutely accept the date with the friend so long as you're being open and honest with all parties involved. If the first guy gets upset or goes away, well, there's your answer! If you both knew that you had wanted more from this gentleman, and he was showing you that you were a casual date, seems to me he made his choice and, thus, you both remain on "the market".

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