Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Question of the Day: How important is it that your friends & family like and/or get along with your significant other?

I've always said it, "There is something wrong when most of your friends or family members do not like your significant other". If you think about it, we choose our friends because we like them, have similar interests and for the most part, get along well with them. We love our family members (usually!) and respect their opinions because they've known us all of our lives. I've seen it more times than not, that when our significant others are not well received by friends and family, it will inevitably lead to malcontent within the relationship and, quite possibly, its demise. There are always exceptions, however, but on the whole, I find it very important that the people closest to us should not necessarily love our mate's, but respect them enough to get along with them.

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