Thursday, April 1, 2010

Question of the Day? What do you do when you write an e-mail to a friend, venting about your mate & you accidentally send it to your partner instead?!

This question was a suggestion from a friend, but I click-clacked away on my keyboard with a response because I've been so idiotic to do this as well (sorry M!) . If you've ever had the mortifying experience of your mate reading or hearing something from you that was not meant for their eyes or ears, than you know the near-death angst and panicky feeling it produces. As for me, well, my email was a full-fledged rant-fest that included expletives and immature name calling, such as "Mr. New Age Philosopher", "uptight buttknocker", "drama king", "obnoxious wanker", etc. I hit that "send" button with all of my intense self-righteous indignation and awaited my aunt's response confirming that I was right and my partner was a total loser. Ha...color me surprised when I don't hear back from her, but the next day instead receive an email from said total loser stating, "Not to be an "uptight buttknocker", but I'm fairly certain you didn't mean to send this to me." Yikes!!

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  1. Have you ever had a guy flirt with you, tell you
    that you're "amazing" and "special" but when you
    started responding to him or having feelings for
    him, he suddenly pulled away for NO GOOD REASON?
    Why do men do this?
    Why do they start out hot and then get distant
    and shut down without telling you why or even
    wanting to TALK ABOUT IT WITH YOU?What do you do?????