Friday, April 30, 2010

Question of the Day: You're dating someone you're totally "into" but you can't stand their hair style. What do you do?

One of my client's has been seeing a woman for a couple months now that he really likes a lot; however, he detests her hairstyle and would like for her to change it. We have both been mulling over ways that he can broach this subject to her in a polite way, so as to not hurt her feelings. It seems like a simple thing to address, but it definitely takes some tact and sensitivity. What if, in turn, she's offended and feels he's being shallow and believes that her hairstyle is not who she is and shouldn't be an issue for him?

I suppose I can see both sides of the equation because, let's face it, we've all dated someone before that we felt we were totally attracted to, but if they would just change that one thing... A girlfriend of mine was recently dating a gentleman that she really liked and she said, "Man! I'm so into him, but if only he would completely shave the hair off around the base of his head!" She asked me what she should say to him and I said, "How about something like: Gee, you have such a nice head, it would look so good completely bald. Have you ever thought about shaving all of your hair off?" I know that I personally respond better when people point out the positives first and tell me what they like versus what's not workin' for me.

So, what are some suggestions for people who would like for their partner's to make a simple change so that they can feel more attracted to them?

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  1. Get a friend who knows how to use photoshop to give them a virtual cut. show them how much better they'd look. If that doesn't work, get used to them the way they are. This could definitely fall under the umbrella of the "Wow, you're so great, and here's a list of what I'd like to change about YOU" type error that ends relationships.