Sunday, April 25, 2010

Question of the Day: Have you ever accidentally called your partner by your ex's name?

If the answer is "yes", how'd that go over? I can envision a sneering, seething partner huddled up in the corner, arms crossed and eyes fixated on you waiting for your profuse apologies. Well, we've all slipped up from time to time and when you spent a significant amount of time and/or your life with one specific partner, it can be difficult to retrain your long term memory habits. I mean, most times it's not as if you're still pining away for your ex and longing to be with them again. Usually it's just from brain overload and you going on auto-pilot and blurting out a verbal sequence pattern that slips off the tongue effortlessly from past continual use. Have to admit though, no matter how much reasonable explaining you do to soften your mistaken moniker blow, there's not a whole lot one can say to take away that initial sting.

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