Thursday, June 24, 2010

Question the Day: What's the cheapest or tackiest thing you've seen on a date?

Oh the list of crazy stories I have for this one. I will never forget the time in my late 20's when I was dating a guy who made dinner for me at his place. After we finished and there was some leftover wine in our glasses, he literally poured the remains back into the original bottle! OMG!! What a tool! A friend of mine recently told me after her date at a nice Italian restaurant, the guy not only packed up the doggie bag with both their remaining portions, but made sure to horde every scrap of bread in the bread bowl too! Astonishing! And another friend told me once that when she invited a date over to her place to drink some wine and watch a movie, the loser showed up with a bottle only half full from the previous night! LMAO!! Omigod, I should write a book!

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