Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on "Manscaping?"

A similar question was posed about this last year that, if memory serves correctly, in it I exercised the word "undercarriage."  Uh huh...oh yes I di't!  When it comes to grooming, it not only seems to be in vogue these days, but a requirement for women to...uh...shall we say..."Prune the hedges!"  However, do we hold men to the same standard?  Is it becoming just as fashionable for guys to "manscape" and keep up with grooming tasks as it is for women?  And if not, don't you think it should be?  I mean, afterall, us chicks go out of our way today to keep things manicured and well tended.  Don't you think it's high time guys respond in kind?

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