Saturday, June 12, 2010

Question of the Day: What's the best thing someone has done for you to get themselves out of the doghouse?

It was 2 summers ago.  I was dating a gentleman who lived at the shore and worked in New York City.  I can't even remember why now, he was in the "doghouse," but no matter, he was!  I hadn't spoken to him for a day or so when lo' and behold, the doorbell rings.  When I open the front door I find a deliveryman holding a huge bouquet of flowers that literally takes my breath away.  It wasn't that this arrangement was the most beautiful or expensive I'd ever seen; it was the fact that it encapsulated my personality and was as though it was created specifically for me. This man got me!  When I opened the card, it read, "Meet me at the Grill tonight?  Regardless, I'll be waiting..."

Oh boy!  What to do?  This was the Mac' Daddy of grand gestures!  A bouquet tailor made just for me and a romantic tryst at the location of our first date.  Not only that, rolling the dice and driving all the way from New York City into Princeton at rush hour traffic time, in the hopes that I walk in and meet him?  Oh PUHLEEZE...what's a girl to do?  OF COURSE I showed up!  Yeah, so let that be a lesson guys...shock value's a definite PLUS and sure to do the trick just about every time!

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