Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Question of the day: Is it a complete insult or a partial compliment if someone propositions you at a bar?


So this past weekend I'm in Atlantic City, sitting at a bar people watching when lo and behold, I'm approached by an older gentleman.  As he engages me in idle chit-chat, he starts to move in closer and talk lower as he pans the room.  He then asks me, "Would you like some companionship tonight?"  Huh?  Small-town-chick-mom-of-two say what???  I asked him to clarify "companionship" so he asks, "What is your fee?"  Oh dear God!  I mean, I realize with a low cut top and tight jeans I'm not exactly dressed to go repent for my sins and take Holy Communion...but a hooker?  You have got to be kidding me?  A woman can't sit at a bar by herself without being mistaken as a prostitute?

Well, after opening a can on this guy, I immediately get on my phone and start vehemently tapping away on my keyboard proclaiming in self righteous texts what just happened to me, to all of my friends.  Most of them were as repulsed and pissed off as I was, but one said, "Hmmm.  If you were with a boyfriend, I wonder if he would be insulted or complimented?"  Things that make ya go hmmm?

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  1. You should be nothing but flattered by that, however you should also thing the guy is a weirdo for going after prostitutes like that. I'm an average looking guy who NEVER gets hit on by women, so I can't even imagine that someone who DOES get hit on could possibly feel anything but good about it.