Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Question of the Day: You've been seeing someone who appears to be your IDEAL soul mate. Everything is perfect but the sex. What do you do?

Great looking - check! Sincere - check! Smart - check! Funny - check! Romantic - check! Intimacy - waah wah wah...

Oh no! You've finally found him/her! Everything on paper is outstanding. You've been dying to meet someone like this your entire life. After a long, romantic courtship you decide it's time to seal the deal and take the relationship to the next level. With baited anticipation, you hit the sheets only to discover everything was there but the big Oreo. No way?! How can this be? It's not possible! So you figure, perhaps it was just first time jitters that made the nookie not-so-hot and attempt it again; this time open mindedly convinced explosive pyrotechnics will abound. Hmph...crap! "You can't even give me a sparkler?" you think to yourself afterwards in your frustrated trance.

I hear this scenario from time to time from many people that I encounter. The results, overall, don't seem to fare too well when a relationship lacks a good sexual foundation. You can have the check-list of ideals in a mate, but nothing is more important than that emotional connectedness between a couple. No matter how you try, it's that all-too illusive chemistry piece of the pie that just can't seem to be manufactured. It's either there or its not.

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