Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Question of the Day: Do you believe the old adage "It will happen when you least expect it?"

People throw this term around a lot to those in search of love and while I agree, I also think it's true for life in general. I mean, don't things happen when we "least expect" them to? If we were clairvoyant and knew exactly when the next love of our life was to enter or when we were to land our dream job, wouldn't that take a lot of the fun and intrigue out of the journey? I'm not sure I even know what this adage means. How does someone go out and "expect" to meet Mr. or Ms. Right? We can be hopeful. We can seek. We can pine. Can we really expect the love of our life to enter stage left on command? I guess what I'm asking is, isn't this an overtly obvious statement?

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