Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question of the Day: Is it a problem if your significant other is addicted to Facebook?

I was just having this conversation with someone in the salon yesterday while I was getting my hair done. A woman sitting next to me was complaining to her hair stylist that her boyfriend is addicted to Facebook and "literally always on it." I immediately butted into the conversation giving her my two cents on the subject and told her that if she felt it was a problem, then it's a problem and to not ignore her instincts that are telling her so. She got a bit defensive and rebutted with, "Well, I know he's not doing anything wrong on there. He's just always online!"

This got me thinking and contemplating on how, with our new modern technologies like texting, Facebook, IM'ing, etc, has changed the dynamics of romantic relationships. Where do we now draw the line of appropriate versus inappropriate behavior when it comes to technological social interaction? I like Dr. Phil's theory that, if you are doing something that you would not do with your partner standing right beside you, then it's a breach to the relationship. Period!

Now let's say he or she isn't doing anything that they wouldn't do or say with their mate beside them, but they're just online, texting or on the phone constantly to the point where it bothers their partner? Yes, I'd say this is a problem. It seems to me that social media technology use can be just as addicting to someone as say food, alcohol, drugs or sex and if it begins impacting important relationships around someone, then perhaps it's time to make some assessments or changes.

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