Friday, May 28, 2010

Question of the Day: "I met a woman online that I like, but she's definitely not "the one" . She has access to Stanley Cup playoffs. Do I try to go?"

Obviously this was a suggested Question of the Day today and the full version reads:

"I just met a woman from an online dating service, she is very nice but I know she is not "the one", BUT she has access to Flyers Stanley Cup playoff tickets. Do I date her to go to the games and then tell her I've tried but just not into her? Or do I tell her now and skip the games ?"

When I originally answered this gentleman, I misread the question and assumed she had actually asked him to playoffs. But after re-reading it, I realized he's basically saying she has the ability to take him to the games if she's so inclined. Basically, he's wondering if it's ethical to date her for now just so that he can get himself to the Flyers playoff games and then dump her afterward. This is obviously a personal decision he finds himself faced with, but I know for myself, I would feel badly knowing I was misleading this person and using them to get to myself into great seats at a coveted event. I don't really care how fabulous a game it is, sitting through it knowing I got myself there under duplicitous motives would take away any bit of excitement involved.

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  1. I tend to lean toward your way of thinking. But you could go to one game with her then have a bite to eat afterward to see if there might be a strong enough connection to date. If not, cease and desist from using her for the tickets.