Monday, May 31, 2010

Question of the Day: What do you do with the "fun" tapes you made with your mate that you've broken up with?

When talking with a good friend of mine yesterday who told me about his experience with this particular situation, I just knew it would make for excellent Q of D fodder. He and his wife had made some naughty tapes together while on their honeymoon and placed them in a hidden place once they got back home. Apparently when things got crazy between the two of them during their separation, he went to go look for the tapes to discard them only to find they were no longer there. He still wonders what ever happened to them!

So, it really got me wondering; what do most people who are going through a breakup decide to do with their fun videos? Do some couples choose one person to keep them? Do they get divvied up? Do most people destroy them? I wouldn't be surprised if some scorned lovers use them as blackmail to retaliate? Gosh, when you consider this side of the equation, it's enough to really make you pause before pressing "record", no?

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