Thursday, May 27, 2010

Question of the Day: What random item do you own from an ex that you just can't seem to part with?

Just this morning I was trying to clear out some unnecessary junk from my unorganized, unsightly, overfilled and disturbingly cluttered closet when I came across the cute pink stuffed hippo given to me from my post-separation rebound beau. (Yes, he was 11 years my junior but that's an entirely different entry!) I chucked it across the room into the discard pile condemning myself with, "What the hell do I need this for" only to scurry back to it with profuse apologies for even remotely considering abandoning it.

What IS it about that damn thing that I just can't seem to part with? The memories of me running after the dude down a desolate Atlantic City alley at 2:00 in the morning sobbing my eyes out while pleading with him not to leave me? Maybe it was because the day he gave it to me it was to apologize for drunk texting me the night before about how lucky my ex was to be divorcing me? Nah, I know! Clearly it's because little pinky has a tear in it's left ear that has me reminiscing about the time he blew me off and I was so upset I gave it to my Bichon Frise to use as a chew toy!

Anywho...whatever the reason, it's just one of those things, I suppose, will be around for awhile continually collecting dust and eating up premium space in my closet until I can bite the bullet and let it go. Speaking of which...oh dear God, please bring me the courage to dump his Nintendo 64 doohickey sometime this decade! (And sadly, I'm really not kidding!)

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