Friday, May 7, 2010

Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to flirt?

Flirting is not only a way to show a person that you're attracted to them, it's a dance! It's fun, seductive and at times, requires well thought-out steps and choreography between you and your dallying counterpart. You don't want to be too coy or shy as this might send off a signal that you're immature or not interested; however, you also don't want to be overtly seductive because this may demonstrate that you're overzealous, desperate and unsophisticated. It takes practice.

Making eye contact is critical when it comes to flirting and it's something you can easily brush up on when you're at home, out with friends or running up to your local grocery store! I always love catching someone's eye from across a crowded room, ever-so slightly turning my head to the left while maintaining my stare, then slowly lowering my gaze down to my hands, then looking back up again to catch his eye. This works like a charm EVERY time!! In a matter of mere minutes, if not seconds, he'll be strolling by your way asking what it is you're drinking and can he buy you another one?

Another one of my all-time fav's is during an intense and engaging conversation, I lightly touch the side of his arm with my hand, hold it there very briefly and then ever-so softly and slowly lower it back to my side. This definitely sends out the, "Gentleman, start your engine! This girl's diggin' you!" smoke signal! At this point, we're past the cocktail hour and onto last minute dining across the street at a romantic french bistro!

So, on this Flirty Friday, do tell...what's your favorite way of casting out the bait and alerting that hot little sea urchin that you're interested in reeling 'em in?

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