Monday, July 5, 2010

Question of the Day: Do you think men enjoy being asked out by a woman?

While I tend to be more of a traditional gal myself, I do find it admirable and commendable when a woman takes the bull by the horns and asks a man out.  Heck, my step-mom had enough courage to ask my dad to marry her!  Talk about chutzpa!  But really, I think in this day and age its perfectly acceptable and noble for women to ask men out that they would like to date.  After all, if we want equal treatment and pay in the workforce, shouldn't that also adhere to the dating world as well?  And if its a wanted invite, I think most men are flattered and get a rush by a woman asking them out.  Now here's the interesting question this spurs:  If a woman asks a guy out, who picks up the tab?

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